More Expertise

Beverage Insights works with our customers and shares learnings while striving to better understand consumption, actual vs sales variance and assist with interventions to minimize shrinkage and maximize profit.

Understand drinking patterns & sales

Adjust pricing and promotions to move stock

Integration with iKentoo POS

Variance reporting actual vs sales

Ensure keg freshness and quality

Monitor beer line cleaning

Manage shrinkage and bartender behavior

Reduce foaming and over-pouring

Optimize inventory & re-ordering

Ensure efficient use of taps

Encrypted cloud services

Secure on-site server

Proprietary Hardware

Along with a great team of engineers we’ve developed a robust BFMU (Beverage Flowmeter Measurement Unit) board that is designed to withstand the various extreme environments that exist in the service industry.

It is tough and intelligent, so you will never miss a pour.

Beverage Insights provides effective realtime measurement of beverage consumption enabling bar owners to manage stock and limit waste due to spillage and theft all the while adding to the bottom line profits.