A Bit About Us

At Beverage Insights, we strive to create innovative digital solutions in various industries.

Over the past couple of years, we’ve been doing extensive R&D for concepts in the food and beverage industry, which has led us to discover the need for Real-time Analytics around the liquid stock consumption for bars, breweries, distributors and the brands who sell beverages served through taps.  

With innovative IoT (Internet Of Things) technology and powerful cloud processing Beverage Insights gives you the power of knowing exactly what is happening on the taps in your bar and helps you to manage the systems more effectively, adjust pricing and ensure orders on popular brands are made to adequately supply the demand.

This solution will provided realtime access to important information around the supply & consumption of beer brands in pubs, restaurants and hotels around Southern Africa, with detailed analytics right down to a pint consumed, at a specific bar, at a specific time & at the correct temperature.

By interpreting Big Data we are able to plot the trends in consumer tastes across the various beverages and brands in different regions and seasons allowing for more informed, pro-active decisions to be made for future supply and sales and ultimately optimising the operations of any business.